Welcome to Labour Friends of Afghanistan

Labour Friends of Afghanistan

is a non-profit political organisation associated with the Labour Party.

We seek to enhance political, diplomatic, security, economic and cultural ties between the UK and Afghanistan. Plus, building bridges between the UK Labour Party and the British Afghan community.

We work to support parliamentarians and peers in debates, discussions, and events that happen in both House of Commons and the House of Lords.

We host receptions and roundtables at the Houses of Parliament with the leading Labour politicians, intellectuals, and experts to discuss issues related to the UK and Afghanistan; and host regular campaigning sessions supporting Labour candidates in local and national elections.

We are the only UK-based political platform that represents the British Afghan community both locally and nationally.

What We Do?

We are supporting and mentoring the British Afghan community to become more politically active and play supportive role within the Labour party.


We Labour Friends of Afghanistan (LFA) working to strengthen the bond between the Labour party, the British Afghan community and Afghanistan.


We work closely with political elites, both in Afghanistan as well as in the UK, encouraging bilateral economic, political and cultural ties between both countries.

Celebrate & Recognize

We celebrate and recognize the achievements, successes and contributions of the British Afghan community to the British society and its culture.


We seek to better engage, enhance and listen to the challenges and concerns facing the British Afghan community across the country and advocate them within the Labour party.


We are actively engaged in all campaigns locally and nationally to ensure the success of the Labour Party.


We are supporting and mentoring the British Afghan community to become more politically active and play an active and supportive role within the Labour party through volunteering, campaigning or standing up for elections.

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